006: Believing In Yourself

Welcome to episode number six of the Multi Family Legacy podcast. Today, I am talking about believing in yourself. So often when we share our dreams with people, and they try to tell us all of the reasons why we can’t achieve them.

I want to tell you that you are worth it, and you can do whatever you put your mind to. Just keep in mind that people will let you down, so don’t let them steal your dreams. Once you accept this, people can’t hurt you with their words.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

The power of being mindful of […] Read more

005: How to Get Your Offers Accepted By Brokers

Today, we are talking about offers and how to get your offer accepted by a broker. I would like to think I understand brokers, but I don’t always. I do know what gets them excited, and it is money and commissions. What they are concerned with is if you have the ability to close and how much money they are going to make. If you want to have a deal that the broker will recommend to the seller, give the broker both sides of the commission. That means not using your realtor or your real estate license for half of […] Read more

004: The Secret of How to Analyze Apartment Deals

Welcome to the multifamily apartments investing podcast, I am your host Corey Peterson. Today, we are talking about how to analyze deals. The key to a successful apartment deal is understanding how to make sense of the numbers. This is the third part of the six pillars of success series. You need to know when a deal is a good deal and with multifamily apartment investing it is all about the numbers. Putting the numbers into the right system will tell you when a deal is worthwhile or not.

Having the right software will make the process a whole lot easier. […] Read more