009: The Power of Solving Problems

Today’s show is going to be a shorter more introspective episode about how life and people work. I was never good at memorizing information for school or homework, but I have always been really good at solving problems. I was the person in our home who hooked up the VCR and set everything up to record.

I followed the instructions and figured things out. I feel like in life that is the thing that I have been able to do. When my kids come to me for help with things, I know that sometimes I have to step back and […] Read more

008: The Process of Finding New Investments With Mike Heckman

Today, I am bringing on my property manager Mike Heckman. He is in charge of finding all of my deals. He has been in the industry for an insane amount of time and has been through a couple of recessions and has all of the battle scars. I used to find all of my own deals, but now I use Mike and his company. They are extremely resourceful and very good at underwriting. At the end of the day, they do things just the same way that I would.

You are going to get some really good tidbits on how this […] Read more

007: How to Fund Your Deals

Today is going to be a fun episode because we talk about how to fund your deals. There are a lot of little pieces to the total funding package. I’m going to give you the juicy details of how it works and how to remember everything. We’ve talked about how to find deals and make offers. Now it is time to talk about how to get funding. We will go over where to get private funding, how much of it to use, the capital stack, and more.

I am so excited about this because I love the cashflow life. When you […] Read more