004: The Secret of How to Analyze Apartment Deals

Welcome to the multifamily apartments investing podcast, I am your host Corey Peterson. Today, we are talking about how to analyze deals. The key to a successful apartment deal is understanding how to make sense of the numbers. This is the third part of the six pillars of success series. You need to know when a deal is a good deal and with multifamily apartment investing it is all about the numbers. Putting the numbers into the right system will tell you when a deal is worthwhile or not.

Having the right software will make the process a whole lot easier. […] Read more

003: The Secret to Finding Apartment Deals

Welcome to the multifamily apartments investing podcast, I am your host Corey Peterson. I have a great show lined up for episode 3. It’s my goal for you to get excited about multifamily investing because the right deal can set you up for life. Last episode, I talked about the secret language of apartments. We discussed things like cap rates and buying for cash flow.

In this episode, I’m talking about the secret to finding great apartment deals. This is the second part of my six pillars to apartment investing series. One method for finding properties is sending direct mail […] Read more

002: Discovering the Secret Language of Apartments

If you are here listening to this podcast, you are probably tired of flipping properties each and every month. I am so excited that you are here, and I am so excited to help you think a little bit bigger and focus on multifamily apartment buildings. For me, the shift came when I asked, “how can I own apartment buildings?” I am here to help you make that mindset shift that will help you to think bigger and to invest bigger. I’m also going to be sharing a lot of secret techniques with you.

In the last episode, I talked […] Read more

001: The Power of Cashflow in Real Estate Investing

Welcome to the multifamily apartments investing podcast, I am your host Corey Peterson. I am so excited to launch this podcast because it is going to do amazing things for people. I believe that what we do is done for sunsets and palm trees. We want to create the life we dream of, and we do that through apartments and cash flow. This podcast is for anyone who is tired of doing single family flips and doing it each and every year.

The power of cash flow and the vehicle of apartment investing has changed my life radically. Being in […] Read more

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