016: Building Your Legacy From the Ground Up

Brayand Ponciano is here today to share his amazing story. He is a guy who started at the bottom, but had a huge drive that pushed him to the top of his game. Like all of us, he had his self-doubts, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. I’ve known Brayand for a long time. He actually started out with bandit signs, and now he is closing on his first apartment complex. He shares his story and more in this lively episode.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

Brayand shares how he grew up in South […] Read more

015: Repositioning Plays and Momentum Plays: The Two Types of Deals You Should Be Doing

I’m going to get real with you, invite you into my tribe, and talk about two types of deals that you should be doing. Before I get into the repositioning and momentum plays, I want to remind you to download my Quick Start Workshop and tell you a little bit about my upcoming offerings. Next month, I should be launching my Kahuna Boardroom. This is an exclusive course for those ready to take the next step into multifamily investing. The course will be based on what I call my six pillars. The Kahuna Cash Flow Calculator will also be coming […] Read more

014: Raising Private Money

Whether you are just starting out or are transitioning from fixing and flipping, there is a good chance that you struggle with the idea of raising private money. Today, I hope to move your thinking to get you to a point where you know that you can do this. I started out with nothing and was able to do it, and you can to.

I’m going to show you how I transitioned from single family deals to apartment deals. A lot of it is about education and explaining to people what you are doing and what they are getting. I’ve been […] Read more

013: Making the Most of OPM

My friend B.P. is here today to share how the principles of OPM or using other people’s money has helped him 10X his business. He shares how this business has been life changing and stress relieving. It will benefit his kids and family for years to come. This is a great quick testimonial of how my teachings really can change your lives.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

I have been in the real estate business for 10 years and Corey has been a guiding light to me.
Corey has taught me the concept of OPM or using other people’s money.
I have been […] Read more

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Corey Peterson started his real estate career in 2012. He raised enough private equity to acquire an apartment complex, and now, five years later, he’ll be selling it for a $5.6 million profit. How on earth did he do this? Corey shares his personal tips on how he was able to raise capital early on and get into the real estate business, despite being someone who struggled throughout high school.

The power of cash flow and the vehicle of apartment investing has changed my life radically. […] Read more